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About us

Viña del Mar is a tropical paradise where you will find everything in one place: Beach, Sun, Pools, Seafood Restaurant, Hotel and Beach house.

The tropical scenery combined with the natural beauty of the beaches in Honduran Caribbean will make any day an unforgettable moment. A sunset over the sea or simply feeling the sea breeze helps to create a pleasant atmosphere – excellent to enjoy a day at the beach in Omoa.

Our Restaurant Viña del Mar specializes in seafood dishes with the original taste of Omoa. We have two pools for children and adults and we have excellent accessibility to the beach.

Viña del Mar is located in the Municipality of Omoa, Cortes. The entrance to our facilities is on the CA-13 road, next to the UNO gas station that is before the main entrance to Omoa.


Beach house




If your dream is to celebrate your wedding day at the beach, make it happen in Omoa.

Romantic dinners

Are you looking for your perfect romantic dinner destination?

Do not look anymore and come to our special place on the beach in front of the ocean.

You will enjoy the moments with your significant one with a good wine and surprise meal carefully chosen for this occasion.

Team Buildings

Want to build a better team in an exotic destination? We provide accommodation and areas where you can build a better team.

We offer a conference room for your work-related activities. Stay with us for a while and relax in style.


Family suites & rooms

All our suites and rooms include following:

Family suite

6 - 8 people

  • 160 per night from Friday to Sunday
  • 160 per night from Monday to Thursday

Triple room

4 - 6 people

  • 110 per night from Friday to Sunday
  • 110 per night from Monday to Thursday

Double room

2 - 4 people

  • 90 per night from Friday to Sunday
  • 90 per night from Monday to Thursday

Single room

1 - 2 people

  • 75 per night from Friday to Sunday
  • 75 per night from Monday to Thursday

Beach house

Our beach house has 4 rooms (3 double rooms & 1 single room).

Beach house

12 - 15 people

  • 400 from Friday to Sunday (3 days & 2 nights)
  • 300 Saturday and Sunday (2 days & 1 night)
  • 800 from Monday to Sunday (the whole week - 6 nights)